Tuesday, April 21, 2009

too quiet - waiting, waiting, waiting...

Back into quiet mode again. Last week was a bit more exciting as I was anticipating being called about setting up some interviews for this week. Alas, no action on that front. Still waiting. And, there's nothing new to apply for right now. Which is a little troubling as I only have another 6 weeks or less on the current contract gig.

It's too quiet.

Working at home is fine, but it's quiet. When I do get out socially, my brain seems to be moving more slowly. Weird.

Still waiting to hear about the Federal Subsidy for COBRA. Employers were supposed to send out notifications by April 17th but I haven't seen or heard anything yet. From what I can tell, (having recently done my taxes), I'm eligible for the subsidy as I meet the salary requirements (under 125,000). Sure would be nice to get that settled as I have another payment to make soon.

It's a time of waiting. I'm not really a very patient person, though. I don't like it.

UPDATE: I just checked my COBRA account and the subsidy was applied, automagically! No phone calls, no forms to fill out. Poof -- magic. The subsidy went into effect last month. Since I payed the full amount due last month, it ended up being an overpayment (due to the retroactive application of the subsidy), my account has a credit balance and I don't have to make another payment until June. And, a substantially lower payment. Thank You, Mr. Obama!

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