Monday, April 27, 2009


One of the difficulties about the contracting business is the need to coordinate the ending of one project and the start of another. Right now, I don't have a specific end date for my current project. I'm guessing I have another 5 weeks to go. The trick is, when does one start looking for the next gig? I was called last week about submitting my resume for another contract job. It pays quite a bit more than my current job (but it also involves serious commuting), but I suspect they don't want to wait 5 weeks to get started. Or even 4 (you figure it will take a week or two for the hiring company to interview and select their candidate).

Now, one doesn't want to get in the habit of ducking out of contracts early. Professional suicide, really. On the other hand, a better paying job that has the potential of being long term, is useful. I know the company...they tend to hire for 3 months and if all works out, renew the contracts for quite a long time.

My original plan was that I would break my current project only if offered a good, direct employment job. Not sure that's happening though (yes, I do have a second interview coming up, but after last week's disappointment, I know that I can't count on hunches or rumors of success). Now, I'm thinking that if a better contract falls in my lap, I'll consider it.

The other possibility on my mind is to just let this contract play out and try to arrange to have a short break in between gigs. An old friend of mine has invited me to visit her in Sante Fe. I haven't seen her in a few years and I'd love to get out there. She's a very centered person; a calming presence. I could use that kind of escape right now. Lately, I just go 'round and 'round with decisions, never really settling on a real plan.

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