Monday, April 6, 2009

offline for a few days...

I'll be offline for a few days (oh yes, I do know that I have a regular reading audience...*very* small, but I do know you're there...not necessarily WHO you are, just that you are there :-) ).

It's time for the regular spring visit to the parents. Sort of an awkward time as I really need to keep a contract worker, if you don't work, you don't get paid. Although..if I pushed it, I could make up the time once I got back by working on the weekend., that's not would be hard to cram 40 hours into three days. Not impossible, just difficult.

So, I'm bringing my new laptop with me to see if I can actually get work done while away. Unfortunately, the 'rents don't have a wireless router, so getting online will be tough. I now understand why people want to be able to tether their smart phones to their laptops!! I'll have to rely on my phone for email and such. I can do my work while offline--I have all the files on a thumb drive and loaded onto the laptop.

Not sure how the 'rents will deal with me working while visiting. I don't plan to work a full 8 hours while there, but I should certainly be able to put in a half day's worth of work. And certainly, while in the airport, I'll have a wireless connection, so it's easier to manage.

It's really not a good week for me to be away, though. I have a phone interview on Tuesday and I'm missing the first status meeting for the contract job. It's making me feel stressed. I'd much rather be at home for these calls. But, it's not to be, so, I'll muddle through. Actually, I'm not in the mood to travel at all...but I've put off this visit way too long. So between guilt, resentment, and stress, it's turning out to be a fine day :-)

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