Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling more relaxed

I'm not feeling so stressed out these days. My current contract job is working out well (and the take home pay isn't bad, considering I'm working from home). I have two, yes TWO, potential jobs in the works. Waiting for a second interview at one place (and from what I hear, I should be getting a call very soon) and an in-person interview at a local startup is being scheduled for next week.

Cool. Both of these opportunities have pluses and minuses, but at least I'm getting a foot in the door and doing well on my interviews. And if neither of them works out, I think I won't panic. Between unemployment, severance, contract job, and careful money management, I have a nice, extra nest egg to rely on. And, I just have a feeling that in the next few months, the job market will start to turn around.

I could be wrong...but right now, it's all OK. The Federal Subsidy for COBRA should kick in soon, so my insurance costs will be reasonable.

The weather is getting warmer, plant sales will be starting soon, kayaking will be starting soon. Maybe it's the extra sunshine...maybe it's just the passage of time and adjusting to the brave, new world that I inhabit. Whatever it is, I'm feeling more optimistic today.

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