Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learning to love my MacBook Pro

It's been a couple of weeks and I'm learning to love my MacBook Pro. Or, I maybe, I just like the idea of having a laptop. :-)

Things I've discovered:

Apple was very clever when it came to designing the power cord (friends of mine pointed this out to me and I heartily agree). The connector to the laptop is magnetic, rather than a plug-type connector. So, if you trip over the cord, it disconnects from the machine instead of dragging it off the table. Cool! On the other hand, the plug that goes into the outlet is a bit wonky. The adapter part is clunky and keeps the plug off balance a bit. It never seems very secure in the outlet.

Working on a laptop outdoors on a sunny day is hard! The other day, I was waiting for a call on my cell phone, and the best place for a strong cell signal was out on the back patio. So, I grabbed the laptop and moved outdoors. Way cool that my wireless network was available. But it was too sunny! There has to be a way of adjusting the screen display so it's visible outdoors (switch to white text on black background??)

My Mac seems to be clever about installing Windows application. Even if I start the install from outside my virtual machine, it knows to run it the installer IN the VM. Took me a bit to realize that's what it was doing. I'd click on the installer .exe and wouldn't see anything happen. But, then I opened the VM and there was the install prompt.

Finding Windows keyboard equivalents on a Mac keyboard has been annoying. I found solutions to most of them, but there are times when I really miss my PC keyboard!

I suspect that eventually, my laptop will become the main machine. My desktop is on the old side and doesn't have enough memory. As far as I can tell, there's no way to upgrade the memory to where it needs to be. I wish there was a way of moving the applications from the old machine to the new one. But, I don't have the CDs/DVDs for a lot of them so I need to purchase all new copies of what I want to keep. Sigh.

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