Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Insanity in the job search

I've attended a number of talks, workshops, and so forth, that talk about how to go about a job search. Network all the time, cold calls, recruiters, resumes, blah, blah, blah.

What none of these so-called experts touch on is how to deal with the insanity that potential employers are exhibiting. On more than one occasion, I've been asked for my availability for a phone interview. Which I gladly provide. And the potential employer disappears. As if my listing of times and days when I'm available (and I'm rarely NOT available) is offensive.

And then there's the potential employer who seems to keep hiring other people and not being satisfied so they open the position again...and again. The second time, they reopened the position, they did call me but I was already settled in my "survivor job" and wasn't available right away. And they just *couldn't* wait for me to come up with an exit plan for the current job. I just saw a revised posting on one of the websites that I watch...based on the new description, it seems that they're looking again ...only this time, they have a writing test. Eh, what?? How is it they keep hiring people that are not what they want. Do they want the impossible? Are they not willing to pay for a really good person? Should I do the writing test and resubmit myself as a potential candidate? They might really be crazy people who are offering a chance to descend into Hell as opposed to a good place of employment. Or, maybe I'm the right person for the job and they just haven't realized it.

I have no guidelines here. For the people who contact me for a phone interview and then disappear -- how much should I chase them? In one case, after several emails and phone calls, I did eventually get the phone conversation. Not sure what to do with a current situation...I suppose I could call -- at this point, there's nothing to lose because the person refuses to set up a specific time for the phone interview. Or maybe one more email??? What's the correct protocol here?

What I wish I had is a class that explains how to chase after these jobs without offending a potential employer and without feeling totally humiliated as one, essentially, begs the king for an audience.

I don't get it. Is it really that hard, even in an employer's market, to treat other people with conmmon courtesy and respect? Has everyone gone mad? I just might join them.

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