Sunday, February 22, 2009

Supplemental income while collecting unemployment

One thing that I discovered is that while I'm collecting unemployment benefits, I can earn up to a third of my weekly benefits without having an effect on the benefit amount. So, while I'm looking for the next big adventure, I'm also looking for supplemental income.

A good place to look is craigslist. You're likely to find an interesting variety of unusual jobs that could help tide you over for a bit. And, you'll also find REAL jobs. Companies seem to be starting to post jobs on craigslist that you would normally find on Monster or one of the other big sites. Someone should start a Facebook page for jobs, hmm? (Maybe I should think about that).

I did find something of potential interest on craigslist...part-time, telecommuting, and involves writing. And, even better, what they're willing to pay fits right in with what the Division of Unemployment allows as supplemental income. I've applied. The big issue is they may think I'm way overqualified or wonder why on earth I'd want such a job. I did try to explain that in my cover letter, though. Another issue is that they may not think I'm the right "type" of editor. They want someone who can write industry articles, not configuration and procedural manuals.

I've also applied for a "volunteer" job with a stealth startup. Hey, I'm not working can't hurt to do volunteer work. And, I can put something on my resume that looks like I'm still working (we are always warned about covering gaps in employment on our resumes).

We'll see if any of these odd little things pan out. If nothing else, they would keep me occupied with more than just trying to think of who else to call who might lead me to a job.

I'm a writer. I want a job that involves writing. The truth is I may have to become a different type of writer (more web content oriented?) or become something else entirely. Yes, that could be exciting...but since I don't know what to evolve into, I'm finding the thought a bit intimidating.

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