Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LinkedIn -- a useful resource

I spend a lot of time doing research on LinkedIn. One of the newer features is that you can update your status, like Facebook.

It's useful to update that status. Today, I changed my status and let my network know I was looking for a contact at a specific company. Turns out, one of my contacts knows someone who knows someone in HR at that company. My contact asked what she could do to help. I thought about it and then asked her to write a recommendation that could be forwarded to the company. It seemed a bit of an odd thing to ask, but I figured that anything that might make me stand out from the rest of the zebra herd could help. Certainly couldn't hurt.

It would be a decent job too. It's contract, but long term (6-9 months). An interesting product. And a palatable commute (much longer that what I used to have, but not as bad as it could be).

My former colleagues have been kind enough to forward me job postings. It's so nice to know that I haven't been forgotten. So far, none of the leads were ones I didn't already know about, but I'm happy to have people send me these notices. I remember to thank them. At some point, one of them is going to be something new that I haven't seen yet, so I want to encourage them to keep sending in those leads.

When I finally do land something, I'm going to have a gathering and invite those people who have tried to help me or supported me in some way. It's been gratifying to know that there are people who ARE willing to help.

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