Sunday, February 8, 2009

I believe that part of surving an unexpected job loss is to build a routine and structure of some sort. You need to have something to replace the routine of going to work.

For me, I was at my last job for 4 and a half years. So, there was a rather set routine. Of getting up at a certain time, the routine commute, getting to my office, heading down to the cafeteria for my toast and coffee, reading email, and then getting down to the business of the moment.

Without that routine, I feel scattered and confused. For the first few days after I was unceremoneously escorted out the door, I was busy with email from former co-workers, wandering around web sites, and having a few knee-jerk reactions to potential job postings. But, the emails are done, the regrets from former co-workers that I am no longer a part of the work work have all been said. Now comes the times of silence. We all have to move on.

So, it's time to put some focus into my days. Here's what I'm thinking:

I will spend 9:00 - 12:00 on the job search activities. The afternoon will be spent on long, neglected home projects. I will also make sure I make plans for the evening two or three times a week. Being home all day on my own, when I'm used to being surrounded by people all day will take some getting used to.

Weekends will be job-search free days. I will strive to make sure I have plans for at least one day during the weekend. Again, I'll have plenty of "alone time" during the week. The weekend should bring some relief from that.

One thing that I must do this week is create a clear view of my finances. I know I need to be careful, but being overly obsessive about it isn't good either. If I have a clear view of what my expenses really are, I'll know what I type of discretionary spending I can allow, based on my existing funds. They have to last a long while, but I may not have to be so restrictive that I have to live on war-time rations. I've started cutting out some unncessary costs. Once I have a solid view of what's necessary, I can make some reasonable spending decisions.

sigh. I said it before; I'll say it again. I hate being unemployed; I hate looking for jobs. And being in this place during the worst economy in 45 years ago is a cruel twist of fate.


Samantha Milowsky said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Greendragon!

Your words speak truth to the experience of so many, and your plan to move forward, dealing as best as possible can be an inspiration to others.

The world does move on, and you are a part of the world moving on too, and part of the world that is going through this pain. There are no guarantees in life for any of us.

You are experienced, talented and a great asset. You have the best combinations to find another job. I know that although it seems people in your life may fade away, and some really do, I also know that there are people in your life that absolutely will be there to help you if things get really tough.

My thoughts are with you.


greendragon said...

Thank you, dear one.

Your words of support bring a light to my day.