Monday, February 23, 2009

All's quiet on the job front...and it's making me crazy

It's the lack of results that drives me nuts. I had a few interesting leads, but nothing came of them. Yes, I know it's been less than a month since I've been "on the dole," but I'm impatient for something to happen. And I've seen job postings that look like a good fit for me (and great salaries too!) but so far, no one's been interested.

So, in the absence of anything real happening, I have lunch. With former managers, with fellow writers who are self-employed, and sometimes with friends. Not because I think they can actually find me a job, but simply to feel like I'm doing something. The "experts" call this networking. Personally, I wonder if sacrificing chickens or maybe some other mysterious rite would be just as effective. I stay home a lot now.

This week, there's business to attend to at the Unemployment Office. There's a class I'm required to sign up for and attend. And I want to make inquiries regarding grants or loans for education. I've got my eye on some database training that I think would be worthwhile. I need to get the 401K rolled over into my IRA. I need to make the final claims on my Flexible Spending Account before the deadline rolls around. I need to check the budget to see what I actually spent this month so I can plan accordingly for the future (am I still spending too much? Am I being too restrictive? Can't tell yet). Of course, this month had some unexpected plumbing expenses that I won't have again, so I need to take that into account.

And, I really need to get into some type of exercise routine. Maybe splurge and sign up for yoga classes. We'll see how things look after the end-of-the-month budget review.

It's become very odd to hear the news from my former workplace. I feel like such an outsider now. I do want to hear what's going on...and at the same time, I don't. My former colleagues and I are moving in different directions now. A lot of them will disappear from my world entirely. A few will remain as "keepers" -- friends that will remain a part of my life. The rest...poof! This is the way of work relationships...fragile and transitory.

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