Monday, February 16, 2009

Offline job search doesn't feel like enough

Today, there doesn't seem to be much do with regards to online job search work or phone calls. There are a couple of phone calls/emails to try and get a connection with a real human at a few companies. So, today is dedicated to offline work:

Printing my business card: Worked with my friend S to come up with a nice design. Just when I got the template set up correctly, my printer runs out of ink. So, as part of my errands today, I'll buy some printer ink.

Working on my portfolio: I need to get some updated samples into the portfolio.

Writing test for contract work: I have a writing test that I can submit to a company that frequently hires contractors. They have no openings now, so I've been in no rush to get it done. But, I might as well do that.

All of these tasks are useful in the long run, but not sending out a resume feels like I'm not being productive. On the other hand, there isn't any place where I can send a resume.

The rest of the day will be devoted to errands that must get done. Bills need paying, the car needs some maintenance, and I need to clean the bathrooms because the plumber is coming to make some repairs.

Costly maintenance, plumber, and office supplies, and insurance bill. Sigh.

I suspect I'll be having a lot more of these quiet days. I will likely continue to go to the Action Networkers group and probably sign up with the outplacement service (my former employer provided a month's worth of access...oh so very generous of them in these times when it takes close to a year to find a new job. Bah, humbug). Just to avoid going crazy from the quiet.

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