Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Job madness & other miscellany

There are a handful of jobs available for technical writers. They show up on EVERY job board. And there have to be hundreds, if not thousands, of unemployed writers looking for these jobs. So, what I don't get is why are these potential employers signing up with a gazillion recruiters to fill these jobs? You would think internal referrals would get the job done.

But no, for the second time, I've been contacted by multiple recruiters for the same job. I don't get it. Last week, I had three different recruiters contact me about a single job. I ended up not pursuing it due to its location and well, in general, it didn't sound like something I wanted to do for a long time (short-term contract, but not a longer term thing).

Yesterday, the same thing happened. This time, it's a more likely fit. Location is OK, it's a short term contract -- that's OK too. I'm not an exact fit for the job, but I might get in the door for an interview. What I can't figure is why the need for the employer to list the job on every single job board and sign up with so many recruiters. It's an employer's market...what's wrong with the job that it's so hard to fill??

On the plus side, at least I'm getting a few nibbles to my resume postings.

On the plus side again, I went to my beadmaking instructor's studio for the first time last night. Glass therapy. :-)

It was wonderful to be back at the torch. I spent the night making several heart beads (I can use them as gifts, people seem to like them). My instructor was so kind to me. I explained that I had lost my job but that I needed to come to the studio to keep my sanity. She was so sweet and kind to me. I remember when I first started taking classes with her, I wasn't all that good at it and she seemed so brusque and intimidating. In reality, she is one of the sweetest, kindest people. When the other glass studio shut, she KNEW that the beadmakers needed a place to go and she has invested all her personal funds to provide us with a safe haven. And the other people there were so friendly. They were watching me make my heart beads and felt compelled to try them as well...I must have been doing something they thought looked good. :-)

For a few hours, I could almost pretend that my life had not changed so radically.

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