Monday, March 2, 2009


Part of the ebb and flow of job searching is the waiting. You go through a round of submitting resumes to a number of places. Then you wait. If a week goes by and no response comes, you write off the submissions. And you start again.

Or, someone finally does call and you wait for the interview day. I was supposed to have an interview for a contract job today. But, it *snowed*! I have a foot of snow outside my door. Yesterday, I was dreading the thought of having to try to drive to an interview in a snow storm, but I was called yesterday (on a Sunday, no less!) and told that they wanted to reschedule. Whew. So, now I wait for the interview day again. This upcoming interview is for a job that I think I want, depending on what they are willing to pay. And it would be a relief to suspend the job search for a couple of months. But, as a contractor, you still have to keep looking for the next gig. So, you don't wait too long to do that.

I know my resume was submitted to another place (permanent, full-time job). According to the recruiter, they haven't said no to my resume, so I'm still in the running. Only, they take their time about deciding who to interview.

So I wait. For this company to decide if they want to bother having a conversation with me.

As a colleague of mine said, sometimes there's just no game. You wait. For another job lead, for another hint of something in the works.

So, today, instead of wandering the job boards, I'm going to finish updating my portfolio and explore the outplacement company's web site (my former employer has provided a month's worth of their time -- not particularly generous, but it's something to do). Tomorrow, I'll think about trawling for a job again.

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