Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad luck comes in threes?

There's an old saying, "bad luck comes in threes."

Here are three bad things that have happened to me and my extended family in the last couple of months:

1. I lost my job.
2. A niece had a miscarriage.
3. A cousin's mother died from anaphylactic shock (peanut allergy...why would ANYONE put peanuts in a turkey sandwich????? Or was the chef careless and used a utensil that had contact with peanuts?)

If there's any truth to the saying...then maybe, the following things WON'T Happen:

- My sister will *not* lose her job -- instead her company's business will pick up and they'll stay open.
- My sister's significant other will *not* remain unemployed.
- My cousin (whose mother just died) will get a permanent job with her current employer before her contract expires.
- I won't have to go back to collecting unemployment -- instead, I'll find a nice steady job that pays close to my previous salary.
- No one else that I care about will have any other major losses, health issues, or employment problems.

Sigh. One can only hope.

Or, is one required to submit a burnt offering to a higher power?

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