Monday, March 23, 2009

bank deposits from home!

As several of my friends and family members know, I'm notoriously bad about getting checks deposited on a timely basis. I've been embarrassed by it on more than one occasion. (I just found last year's birthday check from my parents...never cashed. Sheesh. A full year ago, that check has been sitting around!).

My credit union has come up with the perfect solution: Check deposits from home!!! I just registered for a service that will allow me to scan in a check, with specific check endorsement information and voila! No need to drive to the ATM to do a deposit.

I wonder, though. Do I need to keep the original checks once the deposit is made? Should I shred them or mark them in some way so that I don't forget that I've already deposited them? When my activation information comes through, I hope they provide some guidelines and best practices.

I'm pretty excited about this feature. Although, now that I'm working from home, it seems harder and harder to get myself dressed and out of the house. At least, I still get up at a normal work time and get started. But, usually, the first couple of hours at home are in my bathrobe. :-)

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