Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maybe the unemployment office should hire me

Because their systems are completely overloaded.

When I first opened my claim, I had to go to the office in person because you couldn't get through on the phone. The voice message said "please call on *another day*."

The representative I spoke with told me that processing of claims are 5 weeks behind. So, although my payments are retroactive to mid-February, I won't see a check until some time in March.

I file my weekly certification online. And the server is sooooo slow, that what should be a five minute task takes close to a half hour. If the server doesn't time out, that is. And I typically file my certification on Sunday morning. I imagine it's worse during the week.

As part of the unemployment deal, you have attend an orientation class. I tried to register for that class only to find out that the first opening was March 30 (and I tried to register for the class during the last week of February).

Really, the most secure job right now, has to be in the Division of Unemployment Assistance.

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