Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ex-employer forgets to send me my bonus check.

A bit of an anxious weekend. At my job termination meeting, I was told that I would still receive the 2008 bonus check. Well, the time came for the check distribution and no money was deposited in my account. And no check was mailed.

I racked my brains to remember exactly what they told me. Did they clearly say that I was going to get a check? To the best of my knowledge, they did. I wasn't told I was let go due to a performance issue (was I? I still don't know) so I should have been eligible for the bonus.

I sent an email to the HR rep, being careful to not ask *if* I was eligible for the bonus. I made sure I worded my message so that it looks like I expect to receive it. Much to my surprise, I received a response from the HR rep this weekend saying that she was going to look into the situation and she apologized that the deposit wasn't made on Friday (when the bonus was distributed). OK, so it still sounds like I'm supposed to get my bonus.

I hope so. I want to use it to buy a new laptop. My current contract has a very flexible schedule regarding when I do my work. If I have a laptop, I can work anywhere and anytime. Which means, I can take the time to go visit my parents, and still get work done (and get paid for it).

I'm stil anxious that something is going to go wrong and the former employer will tell me that I'm not going to get the bonus. I will argue that they lied/breach of contract, or something, but my chances of winning that are slim. So, I'm hoping that the fact that I didn't get my bonus is just a misunderstanding and that I will see it later this week.

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