Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ramp up to new job

Went into the new office today to drop off all the paperwork and get some benefits questions answered. Of course, ended up chatting with some of the people I met during the interview process. It was a fun, little visit.

Everyone I talked with seemed very excited to have me join the company. Very uplifting. The product manager wants me to help out with some user testing, the Engineering VP said he expects me to be very busy. And I just love the founder/CTO.

The company is actually smaller than I thought...only 16 US employees! (I thought it was 25). They're moving their off shore jobs back to the US, which thrills me to hear. Also, shows that they are solid decision makers. They have had the offshore team for less than a year. It wasn't working out well and decided to back off, rather than keep trying to make it work. Smart move. Most other places sit in denial about the failure of the off shore efforts and just continue to pour money into it.

Because the size of the company is so small, there are benefits they can't get yet...like short term disability. I've never worked without that safety net. But, the Founder assured me that, whatever the life event is, the company will do the right thing (as in, pay for the time off that you need). I like their philosophy about building employee loyalty --which only goes so far with me, to be quite honest. My view: treat me well, and I'll do well by the company.

I'm going to have to become a Twitterer and a Wii person (they play every Friday...at least I already have a nickname that I can use!). Mixed feelings about that. Fun and yet silly. That's the price you pay for joining a small start up. You've got to join in during "recess." I don't really need the whole "play time" thing but, it's something you have to do in the start up world.

I still believe that this job with be very challenging and not so easy. I'm definitely going to be moving outside of my usual comfort zone. For the first time, I'll have a job where I don't bring my usual box of tools with me. I'll have to create a whole new tool box! And yet, it just might be fun.

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