Friday, May 22, 2009

Amateur Gardening

Another gardening (mis) adventure today. Still trying to get the dirt off.

I admit it, I'm a gardening dilettante. I know a few facts here and there, I keep acquiring plants (that I often kill) and I have a patio container garden. Although, I've been doing this for years, I' don't really know a whole lot about what I'm doing. I don't fuss over fertilizers or soil mixtures. I don't know the names of most of my plants. But, I like the whole growing thing. I like when plants that are supposed to bloom, do so. It's random though, most times, my green companions just glare at me because I neglect them. I think I've heard the primrose sigh in resignation as I water its wilted body for the thousandth time.

Last week, I went to a lovely class about growing herbs in containers. All of the class participants went home with a lovely collection of plants, neatly planted in our containers. Our instructions were to go home and give the pot a good, soaking watering.

I had the bright idea of putting the pot in the sink (after removing the unwashed pots that had taken up residence there, sigh) and using the sink sprayer thing to soak the soil. Of course, as I went to position the pot in the sink, I caught the edge on the faucet and the whole container went belly up. I had a sink full of dirt with my lovely plants buried beneath the results of the soil avalanche.

After digging up the dirt, including scooping the packed soil out of the garbage disposal, I replanted everything. The plants looked stunned and droopy. Sigh. Next day, I move the pot outdoors onto a wooden plant stand. In a day or two, the plants perked up and actually started to shake off that stunned look.

Today, I was rearranging some of the pots and as I moved one, the outdoor plant stand collapsed. Just folded into itself as if to say, enough. I've been outside all year and I need a break.
And there was my lovely herb pot, once again, belly up, plants buried beneath a soil avalanche.

I scooped up the dirt, replanted the plants, rearranged a few things, washed the dirt off the patio, and eyed that plant stand with suspicion, waiting for it to collapse again (no, I did not put all of the plants back on it, just a couple).

This a new plant stand that's a bit more sturdy! If I have to replant that herb pot one more time, I'll bury my head in the pot, instead.

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