Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Missing the cows

One of the really nice benefits of my past job was the walking trails behind the building. The land is conservation land and I went walking on a regular basis. Now, working from home, I'm even more sedentary than normal and I miss my regular walks. I had a walking buddy at work and we both were good at motivating each other to get out and walk.

The town where I worked maintains a herd of Belted Galloway cows (the ones that, as Diane Ziegler puts it, look like Oreo cookies). During the warm months, the cow caretakers walk the cows across the street to the conservation land. I like cows. I don't know why, but I do like cows. And I used to see them on a regular basis during my mid-day walks.

I miss my cows. A lot of them have probably calved by now and the babies are probably out in the field. We never knew their names, but we could refer to them by the number tags in their ears. (awww...isn't cow #51 cute!).

As I look towards my next job (and good news about that is on the horizon, I believe), I feel a touch of nostalgia for the lost walking trails and the cows. While the job had its issues, the location and amenities were about as perfect as I've ever had. The only place where I could visit cows on a regular basis.

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