Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All sorts of good things this week...

There's something in the karmic atmosphere this week. Several of the people in my world had serious personal concerns last week dthat have turned out to have better outcomes than expected:

A friend of mine thought he had a form of lymphoma. But this week's biopsy results revealed that cancer is NOT the issue: he has a very treatable skin condition.

A friend of mine thought his cat was at the end of his life. But no, the vet prescribed medication and the cat's health seems to be improving.

A friend of mine thought she was going to have to put her dog down due to an incident with a neighbor (no, no one was hurt, just a scary situation). But no, the dog is not a menace to society, and has a long life ahead of her.

My former glass studio has a renewed lease on life. A local college needed space for it's fine arts program and they've formed an alliance with the glass studio. With a new influx of money, the studio can reopen soon. And the public will be able to take classes there again!

And for me, I was completely wrong about not moving forward with a potential job offer. Personal references are being checked and there's been talk of compensation and start dates. No formal offers are in my hand yet, but this week is looking much more promising than I thought.

It's a nice week.

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