Monday, January 4, 2010

Where have all the wooly things gone? Long time passing...

OK. It's winter time. It's cold. This is my time to wear wool. Nice, substantial wool sweaters. Classic, lined, wool pants. Wool skirts.

Finding 100% wool clothing seems to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's as if America has transported all its sheep to another world. I'm finding lots of cashmere. Which I love, even if I do tend to buy the more inexpensive variety of cashmere. But, what I really want is a nice, thick wool sweater. And I can't find one.

It used to be such an easy thing...wool sweaters and winter was just a normal event. This year, a couple of my favorite wool sweaters developed large holes (in the elbows, of course). So, I threw them out and started looking for replacements. I might as well be looking for the complete mummy of Nefertiti. I was in ENGLAND, for crying out loud. They have tons of sheep. Couldn't find a nice, heavy, wool sweater there either.

I was on the web today, searching for wool sweaters. A preliminary search revealed next to nothing. Most everything is made out of acrylic or some other artificial fiber. Bleah.

Where, oh were, did my wool go????? It's a great fiber, renewable, sustainable, no animals are killed in the harvesting of wool. Perhaps the sheep feel a trifle embarrassed after being shorn, but they're not hurt or killed. I used to have a full winter wardrobe full of wooly things. Now, as the old items finally wear out (oh! They made women's clothing so much better in the past), I'm at a loss at how I'll replace them.

Maybe I need to get my own flock of sheep, just so I can have the clothes I want in the winter.


Bethami said...

raising sheep - always a good backup in case of an economic recession.

greendragon said...

Indeed. They'll mow the lawn, fertilize it, and provided clothing. Handy beasts to have around.