Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using words to avoid truth in advertising...

In my continuing search for 100% wool sweaters, I wandered onto the REI web site (surely, a place that sells outdoor stuff would have 1 wool sweater...alas, no. The wool quest continues).

I came across this phrase: "regenerated acrylic-polyester."

Regenerated?! Are we talking about clothing for Dr. Who?

I assume they mean, "reused." As in, we took some tossed out old stuff that still had some value and reused it. OK. Recycling is OK with me. I've thrown out torn clothing, wondering if there was some good way to use the non-damaged parts.

And, the description says it's regenerated for optimum warmth. Huh? Reused artificial fibers provide more warmth that the original threads?

Why not just say, reused or recycled? People can be, I suppose. A used BMW is actually a pre-owned vehicle. there's a difference other than an illusion that pre-owned is different than pre-used?

This kind of avoidance behavior annoys me. Is it not possible to be clear about how we refer to things? (BTW -- I think "clarity" will be my word for the year). It's like the way clothing manufacturers have changed sizes to accommodate our vanity when it comes to weight. Although I don't weigh significantly less than I have before, I'm wearing sizes that are smaller than I've ever worn. All because people don't want to admit that they weigh more than the used to weigh. So, rather than just accepting that they have to buy larger sizes, the manufacturers changed the actual sizes. This is especially bizarre for clothing that is based on waist size or length...for example, men's trousers. A friend of mine pointed out that a size 34 no longer reflects an actual measurement. Despite the size of his waist being quite stable, his clothing sizes vary tremendously.

Honesty, folks. It's really not that horrible of a thing.

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