Monday, December 14, 2009

Who are you, again? When I don't remember people who remember me...

Along with misplacing all kinds of important stuff (where DID I put that escrow check that I received from the mortgage company last month--it's gotta be somewhere here), I also forget people. It amazes me that people I haven't heard from in who knows how long remember me. But, my mind is blank.

For example, at the company I work at now, the marketing manager remembers me from the early 90s. I have ABSOLUTELY no memory of him, but he not only remembered me, but he talks about a whole bunch of people I used to work with -- ok, so he still keeps in touch with some of them, so it's easier for him. I recall the names he throws out, but I really don't recall what they look like or what project we worked on together.

Today, someone (again from early work days) "friended" me on Facebook. I recalled the name immediately, but I have ABSOLUTELY no recall of any interactions with him. Apparently, he recalls me fondly, addressing me by a nickname that only people who know me use. It was nice to get such a friendly message. At the same time, I feel a bit foolish. I looked at this person's picture and I didn't recognize him. At least the name is familiar. But only the name, nothing else.

I must walk through this world in a fog. I've sort of accepted the embarrassing moments . You know, when someone who obviously remembers me starts talking to me and I have to look sheepish and ask them to tell me how I know them. But, some days, I wish I had eidetic memory.

Or do I? Now that I think about it, there are definitely things (and people!) that I don't need to recall. So, I suppose what I really want is selective, eidetic memory.

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