Friday, December 7, 2007

Renovations at home: Thinking about a new refrigerator

I have a long list of renovations that I want to do in my townhouse. The one item that wasn't on the list was a new refrigerator. However, a couple of weeks ago, my trusty old icebox (about 15 years old) started howling in the most abject way. It sounded like a loose fan belt, but those in the know say that fridges do not have fan belts. Maybe a worn bearing in the compressor? I dunno. Eventually, the howling stopped and the beast has been reasonably well behaved ever since.

But, I suspect the howling was an early warning signal and I've started to look for a new refrigerator. I'm very enamored of the ones with French doors. Something like this would be nice:
The big problem is the height. I think refrigerators are taller than they used to be -- or like everything else in this country, super-sized when they don't need to be. When I measured the space where my current fridge lives, I discovered that the space beneath my cabinets won't accommodate the French Door refrigerator. And I LIKE having my cabinets...I'm all about having storage. So, now I have to limit myself to appliances that fit, rather than what I really want. Bleah. Life's unfair...even when it comes to kitchen appliances.

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