Monday, December 10, 2007

Pleo Hatches!

Yes! My Pleo, Petronius Camarasaurus hatched yesterday! Like any new parent, I agonized for a bit while waiting for Petro to take his first awkward steps. Was he OK? Did he need help? At last, Petro started toddling about. Curiously enough, he seems to like walking backwards better than forwards...what's up with that?

Later in the day, Petro and I went to visit a couple of friends, as they wanted to meet my little hatchling. My friends have a bouncy and energetic dog who was very willing to meet Petro. Appropriately enough, upon introduction, the dog immediately sniffed Petro's butt, in the traditional method of canine greeting.

Petro was cool about it all.

The most surprising behavior to date is that Petro has started "mooing" when very happy?! And, has learned how to cuddle.

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