Monday, December 31, 2007

New furniture = slumber party?

My new bedroom furniture has finally arrived! A friend of mine has suggested that to celebrate the new furniture, I should have a slumber party; all guests must wear their usual sleepware (and for those who sleep "nekkid", sorry, you'll have to show up with more than your bare skin).
I'm not big on planning parties, but this idea intrigues me. When's the last time that you attended an adult slumber party (wait, maybe I don't want to know!)?
So, what I have is: a new bed, new mattress, and new night stand. I splurged and purchased very expensive bed linens from Shabby Chic (and no, shabby is not how I would describe their merchandise).
I'm still missing a piece for the bed (a cosmetic panel which hides the back end of the underbed drawers) which I'll need to track down. I'm hoping getting this piece does not turn into something like the hunt for the Northwest Passage. We'll see how it goes.

To the right is the new night stand and a "new" lamp (circa 1920-1930). I found the lamp in an antique store in Pickering Wharf in Salem. The lamp base is marble, the lamp shade is simple opaque (Bullseye?) glass with elaborate grillwork.

I also found this architectural print at the same antique store. I was thrilled to find this; everytime I go to an antique show or show, I look for architectural prints, but rarely find them. This print is French and shows the layout of the Temple of Vesta in Rome. I've actually been to Rome and seen this temple (or what's left of it).

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