Friday, December 14, 2007

Relearning lessons about driving in snow storms

Relearning past lessons happens more often than I like. Yesterday, as the Northeast got hit with a big snowstorm, many local businesses closed early. So tons of commuters hit the roads...all at the same time. Including me.

Now, having lived in Massachusetts for a long time, I know that waiting is often the better part of valor. I could have waited for the snow to subside a bit, for traffic to clear, and the plows to hit the roads. But no, I decided to head out at the same time as everyone else. Silly me.

The roads were essentially, gridlocked. I averaged 5 miles per hour. And my current car does not have a rear wiper so my rear window ended up covered in snow most of the time. (I miss having a rear wiper!). On the other, thank heavens for traction control! No skidding or getting stuck moving up the many hills I had to traverse.

All in all, took me two hours to get home (a grand total of 16 miles). I should have stayed until 6 or 7 and missed all the traffic mess. An old lesson that I had to relearn. Let's hope this lesson sticks with me.

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