Monday, August 17, 2009

Loyal readers?! and thoughts about condo renovation.

I haven't posted in ages and was surprised when I checked my blog stats to see that I still have readers! I'm impressed. And flattered, I supposed.

So, just to reward the faithful, here's my latest update.

I've decided to put some intention into my life and get going on doing some condo renovations. I've neglected the place for awhile and there's a ton of stuff that needs doing. I'm vaguely considering moving next year, which means the work has to be done if I can expect a decent price at all. Here's the list of things that I need to do:

1. New refrigerator (DONE!) - the old one is, well, old. Periodically, it makes odd, scary sounds. One time, it sounded like a dog's squeaky toy. And the gaskets need replacing. I'm getting *MILDEW* on them. ewww....And things freeze in the refrigerator. But, I just ordered a new one which will arrive next week. I'm praying it fits. I insisted on getting a fancy-dancy french door version and most of them are too tall for my space. I found one from LG that should fit (I've measured about a gazillion times)'s hoping.

2. New dishwasher - the soap dispenser release thingy broke awhile back. And it's just not cleaning dishes well. It's getting worse over time. Most likely, this is the next item to do. Probably next month.

3. New carpeting for the bedrooms. Both of these rooms have the original carpeting. The pads are completely worn out. I think I'll do the master bedroom first and then the guest room. Can't do both at the same time...too much furniture to move and not enough room to put it. I'm hoping I can call on some strong friends to help me move stuff. I'm starting to think of appropriate bribes.

4. Touch up painting. I love my color scheme but there are nicks and chips everywhere. I'm not even sure I can get all of the same colors anymore, but I'm hoping.

5. New flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. The wood tiles in the kitchen needs replacing. It was an amateur job to begin with and it just needs to be replaced with a real, hardwood floor. The bathroom floors deserve nice ceramic tile instead of the cheapo vinyl.

6. New countertops in the bathrooms. The orignal laminate is, well, lame. I want marble or corian or possibly recycled glass.

I think that's the list. Oh, and the rest of the carpeting is desperate for a cleaning. That goes on the list as well.

Thank you, my loyal readers. There may be only a few of you, but you've stuck with me!

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