Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If it's not attached to me, I'll lose it...

I lose things. Most times, they reappear. Sometimes, they go down the drain.


Lost my office badge today. Actually, I managed to flush it down the toilet. Really. How embarrassing. It fell off my pants just as I hit the handle. Whoosh. Gone. I had to explain this to the nice IT guy who, I think, thought I was kidding. I got out of the teasing by promising to make him peanut butter cookies.

The other night, at the glass studio, my instructor gave me a small piece of glass to use on a new technique she showed me. I brought it over to my station, put it down, lit my torch. And couldn't find the small piece of glass. After I obtained another piece of glass, then I found my first piece of glass. Sheesh.

This morning, I was looking for stamps. Couldn't find them. I know I have them; I bought some recently. But I'll probably end up buying more stamps before I find the ones I already have.

I often misplace my cell phone. I use my landline phone to call my cell phone so I can find it. And keys...don't get me started about the keys. I carry two set of keys most times. When I misplace my main set of keys, I can pull out the backup set and at least get to where I need to go on time. BUT, this arrangement is fraught with peril. There are keys in the main set that I can't duplicate for the back up set. Makes me nervous.

If I could, I'd put locator chips in all items that I carry with me. This way, I'd be able to find the item I want, when I want it.

Till then, I just hope that the gnomes that take my stuff when I'm not looking (that's my theory about the items that go missing and then suddenly reappear) will eventually let me alone.

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