Friday, August 21, 2009

The Icebox Cometh...

Waiting to hear from Home Depot about the delivery time for my new fridge. Oddly enough, I feel just a touch nostalgic about the old one. Until recently, it never complained, never gave an ounce of trouble. It just worked. Now, that I have to let it go, I'm feeling a little sad.

Silly to feel sad at saying goodbye to an appliance, no?

The new icebox is bigger--wider, deeper, and taller. I'm thinking that I'll probably end up walking into it in the beginning because it will extend further into the kitchen space than the old one. But, I think it will be OK.

Tonight..I have to clean out the old box. Figure out where I'll put the perishables until the new box is up and running. And set up an appointment to have the plumber connect the water line for the ice maker (the one negative comment that I heard about my new fridge is that the ice maker is quite noisy but how often does it make ice, I wonder?).

Farewell, old've given great service all these years. But, it's time for you to retire and stop working so hard. I will think of you fondly.

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