Monday, December 1, 2008

Clutter...too much clutter

I started this year with the noble thought that I would get organized. I would get rid of all the clutter and have a nice, NEAT, home that was easy to clean.

Well, here we are, the very last month of the year. And my home is more cluttered than ever. I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! Books are everywhere...although I think I may have convinced a handy-type friend to build me some floor-to-ceiling bookcases to deal with that issue.

How did I accumulate so many shoes??? I never used to have a shoe habit...but I have many, many shoes now. Most of which I don't seem to wear anymore (they're still good...if I wait long enough, they'll be back in style. That's what I keep telling myself).

And PAPERS! I keep trying to eliminate papers. I have signed up for electronic bills as much as possible. And yet, the papers pile up. I swear they procreate while I'm asleep.

Clothes...I've run out of drawer space and closet space. I don't really have an extensive wardrobe, it's just disorganized. And I need to GET RID of things I don't wear anymore, even if I still like them (again, the issue of "maybe they'll come back in style" or "maybe I'll gain that weight back, so I should keep the bigger clothes."

Hmm. Maybe I DO have too many clothes, too.

And then, there are the craft supplies. I work with glass as a hobby. I have no good place to store all my supplies. Right now, they're tucked into a large box and a large canvas tote. In the main room of the condo. I have no place to store this stuff.

Kitchen cabinets...I have flour tucked into the back of the cabinet that I swear, must be at least 7 years old.

I'm not sure why I avoid cleaning up and clearing out. The longer I wait, the more unsurmountable the work seems. And yet, I know... a little work every day will pay big dividends. But still, I just DON'T WANT TO DO IT.

It's silly. I love a clean house. I'd be willing to hire a cleaning service...but it's just too messy right now to bring in a third party. Quite the dilemma.

What a mess. I'm sick of if it. I have a week off at the end of the month and I'm determined to CLEAN UP. Because there's a ton of house maintenance that I need to do as well but FIRST I have to get rid of all the obstacles. We're told we should live within our means. I need to learn to live within my existing SPACE! Sure, I could move, but chances are a new, larger place would just become cluttered with more stuff. (If I was a comedian, I could come up with a routine about that...wait...George Carlin already did that. He was speaking directly to me, you know).

An unemployed friend of mine has toyed with the idea of becoming a personal organizer. I've considered having her come in and help with my mess. But, it's really too embarrassing to reveal that I live like a barbarian.

OK, starting today, Operation Cleanup begins. I'll post my progress over the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I do mine over several weekends and vacations, but it's never "really" done



greendragon said...

I know that if I did a little bit of cleanup every day, I might actually start to see some progress in the "declutter-fication."

But I often find an excuse to not do this. Crazy.