Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lost...and found

Lately, I lose things. Or, I should say, I misplace things. All the time. One moment, an item is there, the next, gone.

In most cases, however, they come back to me. It's weird.

It used to be that I would misplace something, get horribly upset, tear my place apart, and just obsess about the "lost" object. Until they started to reappear. Sometimes a few minutes later, sometimes weeks later.

I thought I had lost a very expensive and must loved necklace. I looked everywhere, under the bed, in drawers, in the trash. Everywhere. Couldn't find it. I had gone as far as contacting the jeweler and commissioning her to make a new necklace for me. And, suddenly, I found the necklace. Under the bed, where I had looked a million times before.

I was thrilled. And, this moment is when I started the current cycle of "lost and found." I've misplaced my main set of keys many times. It's a good thing I always carry a second set of keys; they come in handy while the main set is vacationing in some favorite key resort. The last time I thought I lost my keys, I discovered I had left them at a hotel pool area when visiting my friend B. Called the hotel the next day and yes...got them back.

Then I lost my glasses...both pairs. The main pair that I use to read with and the older, backup pair. The first pair were discovered in my friend's car after we went hiking (took her a day to find them, tucked away beneath the seat). Last night, I just found the backup pair. Somehow, they had ended up in a carry-on bag that I need for an upcoming trip.

And gloves...I keep misplacing them or dropping them, but they eventually turn up. There are af ew pairs of earrings that have recently gone AWOL. I'm waiting for them to reappear any day now...as these things seem to do lately.

These are just a few examples of my adventures in lost and found. I no longer fret or have anxiety attacks when something disappears. More than likely, it will show up again when it's good and ready to do so. It's very odd.

Except socks...I still lose them, one at a time. They don't ever seem to return.

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