Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ravens at the Tower

Ravens at the Tower
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For some reason, this photo has become the most popular one on my Flickr site. Now, my Flickr site doesn't get a lot of traffic. I like taking pictures, but I'm hardly a great photographer. But still, I find it curious that people search on ravens so often.

These ravens lived at the Tower of London. They may still be living there, but I was in London several years ago and I have no idea how long ravens live or how old they were when I saw them.

I recall being with my friend B who was fascinated by the ravens. She was chasing them all over the yard, trying to get pictures of them. They, of course, regarded us with disdain and just kept moving.

I did get lucky with this shot. I like that I was able to get two of them facing in opposite directions. Sort of a yin and yang kind of thing.

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