Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I hate Joomla less these days

After struggling and just being plain miserable with trying to build a website with Joomla, I finally managed to achieve some level of success. I was able to get some basic components functioning and although the site is obviously lacking in content, at least the mechanisms are in place to build out.

We announced the site yesterday and a few people have looked at it. In general, the reaction was positive. Even got a few volunteers who want to be part of the blog effort. Still waiting for someone in the developer world to step in and offer help. I do not know PHP and I have no interest in knowing PHP. But, to really make the website feature rich, I'll need a real web developer to make it happen.

So, although the struggle to get to this point was painful and I spent a lot of time way out of my comfort zone, there is a vague sense of satisfaction that I did something of some value at work.

It's been awhile since I felt that. It's nice.

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