Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When the primrose blooms again

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Several years ago (and I'm not sure how long it was anymore), I bought this primrose plant from the local supermarket. Over the years, this plant has endured months of inconsistent watering, neglect, and indifference from me. Sometimes I forget to water it until it's wilted and losing leaves. I never give it new soil, fertilizer, or a new pot to live in.

And yet, no matter the abuse, no matter the damage, when I finally do pay attention to it, it blooms. For weeks on end. As if, no matter what difficulties it has to face, it can still defy the hard times and show the world that it can revel in its own beauty and strength.

I've had a number of personal issues to deal with during the past year. Sometimes, I think I'll never see my way out. That I'll never be free.

And then, the primrose blooms again.

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