Thursday, October 16, 2008

FIOS, yes!

I hate my cable TV company. They keep moving channels around, keep raising prices, and in general, just annoyed me.

But, changes are a-coming! For months, we've been hearing that Verizon was negotiating with the town to bring FIOS in. Over the summer, all of the condos in my complex were wired with the basics for bringing FIOS to our little homes. I just saw an announcement that the town and Verizon have come to an agreement and FIOS is now being offered as a service.

I am assuming that since we have the basic connections in place, my address will be one of the ones that can get the service installed sooner, rather than later. Hooray! I'm going to go all the way...Internet, TV, and phone. It will be a lot less expensive (at least in the know how these bundled prices tend to increase after the first year or so...a bit of bait and switch, but what can you do?).

I've been dragging my heels about getting Digital TV...first because of the price and then later because I really hated the idea of having a set top box TVs were always cable ready so I never had to have the extra box. But, I guess I might as well get over it and go for the new system. Think I'll trot over to the Verizon site and see if I can sign up now for installation.

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