Friday, November 27, 2009

What to do on my Winter vacation?

The last week in December is my vacation week. It all started years ago, when I worked for Nortel. At that time, they had a company shutdown between Christmas and New Year's Day. I loved having that time off (of course, now Nortel is in bankruptcy, who knows what the employees get now, if anything), so since that time, I take the last week in December as vacation.

I was hoping to go to Prague this year but it looks like the plans have fallen through. I need a new plan. It's been a couple of years since I've taken an overseas trip and I really feel the need to get away. I want to go someplace interesting, someplace completely different. I only have a few weeks to get some type of last-minute trip planned. Some options include: trip to California to visit cousins, or a trip to Sante Fe to visit an old friend. Or maybe, a trip to the UK where I know a couple of people. The possible glitch with both of these ideas is that the people involved are very likely, by now, to have plans (hey, it's a popular week for parties and such -- people make plans).

So, I need to make the vacation planning a priority. I'll be quite disappointed with myself if I end up spending the entire week at home.

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