Thursday, November 5, 2009

lunch habits

Bringing lunch to work has never been a favorite habit of mine. However, now that I work in a place that does not have a cafeteria (and is unlikely to ever get one) and with cold weather coming on (no, I'm sure I'm not going to want to walk over to the local strip mall in the middle of winter to buy a lunch which is too expensive), I'm trying to train myself to get into a lunch habit.

On the plus side, I've discovered that Trader Joe's has soups that I just adore. What surprises me is that I find I can eat the same lunch, over and over again, and so far, it's not boring. Typical lunch is now: soup with melted cheese, bread and butter, and a piece of fruit. Soup is either creamy tomato or sweet potato bisque. I seem to have no problem eating this day after day after day. I look forward to it, in fact.

I do wish TJs had other soups that worked as well. The other types either have ingredients that I don't like (bell peppers, to be exact) or the sodium count is just way, way too high.

Cooking my own food is the real answer, isn't it? I'm toying with the idea of setting aside Sunday afternoons for cooking lunch-type things for the week. Best intentions, though...we'll see if I can really be disciplined enough to make that happen. It's certainly a lot less expensive than buying the food at some lunch place. And I find that most of the food at these places just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

And yet...I can eat the same soups over and over again. Odd.

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