Saturday, November 28, 2009

traveling solo...wish I would

Many people extol the benefits of traveling solo. There's a certain amount of freedom it can go where you want, when you want arguments or compromises.

Wish I was more extroverted and felt comfortable with that. I have no problem with taking day trips on my own. Or business trips, for that matter (although, I'm no longer in a job that presents such an opportunity). But, I get stuck on the idea of what do you do for dinner and evening entertainment? And how do you not feel lonely, with no one to share your experiences or thoughts?

It's limiting. I had great plans to travel to Prague on my December vacation. But, first one person bailed and the next person ended up injured during a recent hike. So, no traveling partner. I'm tempted to book a flight, find a hotel, and just go. But, I'm quite intimidated at the idea of traveling alone to a foreign country where they are unlikely to speak a lot of English. Actually, I'm quite intimidated about traveling alone to any foreign country where I don't know any one.

And yet, I want to be SOMEWHERE else during that last week in December. It's late to start making plans with other people...that last week in December gets filled with all sorts of plans for most people. But, now that I think the Prague adventure is finally decided as a "no go" for this year, I can start contacting people on the off chance that one them has a free enough schedule to entertain an unexpected guest.

And, I'd like to come up with some ways of getting myself acclimated to solo travel. So many places that I want to go. It would be a shame if I end up not going simply because I don't have a traveling partner.

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