Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More plants than I know how to handle

One of my very favorite plant stores is Logee's in Danielson, CT. I recently took a friend of mine there and of course, of course, I purchased more plants.

Now, the plants from Logee's are typically house plants. Their specialty is tropical container plants. Living in Zone 5, these plants usually spend their lives indoors. Logee's is a very special place, in my opinion. You drive up to an unassuming house and this the right place? But, then you walk through the building to the back door and into a series of greenhouses that include a 107 year old Ponderosa lemon tree.

Spending a couple of hours at Logee's is like walking through a rain forest, especially in the summer. The place is wall to wall plants, with narrow walkways where you often have to push through an abundance of foliage.

I love the place. Plants are in bloom all year round--everywhere you turn, there's another fascinating plant to examine (and buy!).

This time around, I came home with three plants...a Gardenia with varigated leaves which I brought into the office, Michelia Figo, which has flowers that smell like ripe bananas, and some other mystery plant (I forget its name) which is supposed to have lovely yellow flowers.

Of course, the problem is that I know have to keep track of more plants that require watering and feeding. And, although you get to see prime examples of what the plants look like when they're blooming, the plants you purchase are typically not at that point. So, you need to nurture and hope for the best.

Or, wait for them to die. Poor little green things...I'm not always the best caretaker. Although, I did learn that putting a plant in pot that's too big can lead to the soil retaining too much moisture which will lead to root rot. A mistake I think I've made in the past. Thus, I'm a bit more optimistic that my new green friends will fare better than their predecessors.

Now, if I'll just remember to water them on time!

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