Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time for serious renovations!

I've noticed a real difference since I started going to an office regularly. While I enjoyed the flexibility of working from home (if I wanted to take a nap, I could), I feel less like a recluse now that I get out of the house every day. So much better!

I'm content with the new job. People are nice enough. Once I actually start to produce something, I'm hoping to be able to show that they did hire a competent person. They're in a big hiring mode...which pleases me. While I don't mind small companies, I perfer ones that have a bit more bulk to them. In another month, the company will likely add another 10 people, which will provide some nice "bulk."

Now that the job issue is settled, I can turn my attention to other things. The very odd thing about being unemployed and the work at home job is that I ended up saving a lot more money than I expected. I'm still not sure how I ended up with the extra $$$. I was careful about spending for awhile, but not exceptionally so. Be that as it may, I have plans for the extra cash. Namely, fix up the condo. There's a very long list of improvements that I need.

First on the list, is a new refrigerator. The old one continues to make odd sounds and it's making me nervous. I think I've found one that will just fit in my available space. For extra measure...I think I'll get someone in to trim the apron on the top cabinets, just to give me a bit of extra leeway. After the's time for new carpeting upstairs (oy! how to move all that furniture???). After that, upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom floors. Then, finally, redo the counter tops in the bathrooms. Also, some touch-up painting and caulking. Oh, and replace the fixtures for the tub in the master bath.

Whew...that should keep me busy all summer and into the fall. I'm quite excited about the neighborhood clean up day that's coming along next week. A chance to get rid of a bunch of stuff!

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