Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taking a look at the other side

Yesterday, was one of the final days of Gay Pride in Boston. My good friend B (who IS gay) asked me to come along with him and a friend of his. So, there I am, a straight girl hanging out with the gay guys. It was a hoot. General observations:

Gay or not, Americans are fat. We went to a block party and, yes, lots of pretty men were there (alas, none of them noticed me, but several did cast a long glance at B). But there were also a lot of shirtless, flabby men. With tattoos. And not half as many drag queens as I expected.

Lots of good dancers. Yup, the gay boys do have rhythm...even the white ones. Now that I think of it, most of the men there WERE white. Possibly a Boston thing (yes, we in Massachusetts claim to be liberal, but there's still quite a bit of segregation that goes on)

The lesbians don't party with the men...they have a separate party elsewhere. Now that I think about it, that makes sense. Why would they want to party with men, when it's only the women that are of interest to them?

We didn't stay long at the block party. B's friend explained that the later the hour, the more of a meat market it would become. Neither B (who is in a committed relationship) or his friend were interested in staying long. I was kind of glad about that. I'm not fond of heterosexual meat markets -- I'm sure I would not have liked a gay one any better :-).

This is the first time that I've seen B in his "element." Most times when I see him, we're with a bunch of straight folks and I tend to forget that he plays on the other team. He's a dear, sweet, man, so his orientation doesn't matter to me at all. But it was a rather strange day to be reminded of our differences.

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