Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yay! Time off from work! Hooray!

T-2 days and counting!

Every year, I do my best to take the last week of the year as vacation. Someone asked me recently why I think it's the best week to have off. I said, "I don't know, but it is!"

Once upon a time, I worked for a company that closed down that last week. Makes sense as so many people take off anyway. For some reason, this became a tradition of mine. Sometimes I travel during this week. Last year, I went to London. This year, goin' no where but home.

I was away a lot this year. Usual trips to Florida, weekend in NYC, a weekend in the White Mountains, a sailing cruise around the New England coast, and a visit to Prague. I'm quite content to stay home and finally, catch up on the house projects that I've ignored for ...well...years

I know, I say this all the time. I'm going to get rid of the junk, clean up, reorganize. But, I've told everyone that's my plan for this week, so I have some motivation to really get the work done. Yes, I am sure I will get to know my local dumpster very well as I expect to visit it several times a day :-) And various other donation centers as I finally get rid of stuff that has lingered in my home way too long.

Hooray! Yay! Can't believe I'm actually looking forward to cleaning ...I love a clean home but hate being the one who is supposed to make it happen. Sure, I could hire a cleaning service. But wait, that's too embarrassing to do because ... I have TOO MUCH STUFF!  I have to clean before I would allow some stranger to come in and clean! Nutty, eh?

Sorry "stuff", your time has come to go away! I have no desire to become a candidate for that Hoarders show on TV.  I am so looking forward to starting the year with a whole lot less clutter.

The only fear...once I have cleared out the existing stuff, will I, as George Carlin has said, just go out and buy MORE stuff??

Thanks, Dad, for that shopping gene...:-)

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