Tuesday, February 16, 2010

is it time for a 3rd political party?

Centrist Democratic politicians are leaving their hallowed halls. Five, so far, are not seeking re-election. Senator Bayh says the lack of bipartisanship in Congress was a big reason for his desire to get out.

Makes me wonder if all these disenchanted politicians are missing an opportunity to start a true, third party that might actually have a chance of getting seats.

Personally, I'm disgusted with both parties. The constant voting on party lines (really, are all our politicians a bunch of sheep, willing to follow the lead "ram" all of the time?), the party of NO who refuses to participate in any legislature that is led by the other party. The other party who doesn't seem to be much better (but at least they TRY to get some of the people's work done).

In the last state election, I voted against the party of NO (but they won), but I had no great fondness for the candidate I voted for who seemed to think negative smears against her opponent would get people smiling. It didn't.

In the meantime, health care reform languishes in never, never land. Unemployment is too high. (OK, on the plus side, the automotive industry is starting to come back...possibly thanks to all the issues that Toyota and Honda are having...someone's bad luck is someone else's good luck, eh).

I'd love to have another viable party in the mix. The Dems/Repubs constant bickering is annoying and non-productive. I'm not enrolled in a specific party although I do tend to vote Democratic. While I might be attracted to some of the Republican's view of fiscal conservatism, their ties to the religious right make them an untenable choice for me. But every year, the choices seem to get worse and worse. A third party, that actually had a chance of having an impact would put some excitement and energy into the political process, I think. With a group of centrists looking for a place where they can still serve their country, is it not possible for them to unite and perhaps, truely make a difference?

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