Monday, June 23, 2008

Wired...for FIOS

Somehow, our condo association made some deal with Verizon to have our buildings wired for FIOS. Today, the electricians came in for Phase 1 -- adding the conduit to hold the fiber optic cables. Our utilitie cables/wires are underground, so the Ditch Witches are out, digging the trenches for the cables.

I'm looking forward to the fast speeds of fiber optics to the home. I plan to sign up for the full FIOS package, once it's available. And that's the tough part. It's unclear when we'll actually be able to get FIOS installed. There are agreements with the town, I think, that have to happen. And I'm sure our current cable company will fight to prevent the change in the monopolistic hold on the town.

But...I'm guessing that it's all too late for the resident cable company. FIOS is coming!

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