Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where did my love for bleeding edge technology go?

My home computer is *old.* I was going to upgrade the memory and discovered that I could only squeeze 1 gig of memory into its old carcass. Gee whiz! I used to be buying new computers on a regular basis. In fact, when I came to my current job (close to *4* years ago!), I whined and complained that my office machine was underpowered and couldn't match my equipment at home.

And now, horrors! I discover I've got an old clunker at home. I need to upgrade, get back into the technology swing of things! I'm thinking of buying a laptop this time. I could get a docking station, nice monitor (my monitor is ancient! but just won't die), wireless and Bluetooth everything.

A friend of mine comforted me when I expressed my concern that I was less of a technology geek than I once was by reminding me that I have an iPhone, a robotic dinosaur, and a built-in GPS in my car. I'm not as behind the times as I might be. But still....am I slowly but surely becoming a bit of a Luddite {shiver}?

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