Friday, April 25, 2008

FIOS is coming to town

I live in a condo. The condo association recently sent out a letter stating that all of the units were going to be wired for Verison FIOS (fiber optic) during the next month. We don't have to sign up for the service, but for some reason, the association wants the development wired.

I wonder if this means that eventually, highspeed Internet and maybe cable TV will be part of our condo fee. Which would be very convenient!

I'm kind of psyched about the FIOS Internet thing. It's supposed to be very fast! And, having FIOS might mean that we will be able to choose cable TV from Charter or Verizon. I really DO wish I had a choice!

The one thing about FIOS that gives me pause is that I heard adding FIOS means the copper connections are cut and if you don't like FIOS, it would be prohibitively expensive to go back to copper as opposed to Fiber Optic. In our case, it looks like we won't have a choice...

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