Monday, March 3, 2008

Satellite Radio Rocks!

I love Satellite Radio. When I bought a new car last year, it came with a free trial for XM Radio. I never thought I would keep the subscription, but I discovered that I love having satellite radio. Now, wherever I go, NPR goes with me! As well as my favorite folk and acoustic music stations.

And, I can listen to XM Radio over the Internet. Came in handy last weekend when I had the previously mentioned Bed Warming party. Rather than using the old fashioned stereo system that only plays one CD at a time, I connected my speakers to a laptop and logged into my XM Radio account. Worked out quite well. That is, after "B" fixed the connector for the volume control for the speaker system. I managed to mangle the pins in the connnector while setting up the system with the laptop. "B" did a fantastic job of getting it back into working order. He's my hero :-)

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