Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been iPhoned!

Yup, finally got around to getting my iPhone. I was originally psyched about the prospect of keeping my reasonably inexpensive pre-paid account AND having the iPhone (see previous post). Alas, the information from didn't work as advertised. After going around and around with Apple and ATT, I gave up. (Some support reps claimed I could add the iPhone to my current account, others said it was impossible. In the end, I ran out of patience.)

I converted my pre-paid account to a post-paid account. Bleah. It's more expensive and now I have that stupid 2-year contract. Getting a pre-paid account for the iPhone requires you to force the ATT system into thinking you have failed a credit check and I just couldn't make that happen (I did try).

I think ATT is fairly unethical in not allowing you to attach an iPhone to a pre-paid account unless you're a credit does THAT make any sense? I'm tempted to write to the Attorney General asking them to investigate ATT's unethical business practices.

On the other hand, I DO like my new phone-gadget. It's cute and it's fun. I was recently at a very, very boring meeting. I used my iPhone to take some personal notes, surf the Web, and in general, amuse myself until an interesting topic at the front of the room caught my attention :-)

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